Eggdev: gotwall() patch

Darko Ilic darko at
Tue Dec 31 17:25:30 CST 2002


User Genesis on #eggdrop at undernet pointed out that bind wall behaves 
oddly. It would pass only the nickname of the sender in the variable 
'from', while the logfile gets the full nick!user at host entry. I guess it 
was done in such way so to provide an easy workaround for the possible 
source of the /wallops message being a server name rather than the n!u at h 
(RFC specifies server name). However, most of the IRCd's nowdays are 
actually sending the the full nick!user at host so eggdrop needed an 
update. I was thinking about possibly adding another argument to 
check_tcl_wall and parsing the message source internaly, but after some 
thinking, decided not to. Reason is that procedure that is called upon 
bind would still need to do some checking to see if that third argument 
has a vlaue or not, and so it might just as well do the parsing itself - 
thus this patch only passes the 'source' data onto the 'from' variable - 
unparsed. I also decided to retain logging behaviour that original code 
had (slightly optimised), so not to confuse some stats/log-parsing/other 
scripts by introducing a new format.

doc/tcl-commands.doc was also slightly ambigous by naming the variable 
that contained info on the source of the message 'handle'. So i changed 
the varname accordingly to 'from' and added additional explanation in 
the bind's description.

Very best of health and luck in new 2003,
Darko Ilic


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