Eggdev: [Bug 294] tclhash.c/681 crash every hour

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Fri Dec 27 08:48:02 CST 2002

------- Additional Comments From bill.brandt at  2002-12-27 08:48 -------
Some additional details:

I added Context lines to narrow down the issue:

  } else {
    if (!strcmp(interp->result, "break"))
      return BIND_EXEC_BRK;
    Context;   < -------- CRASH after this context
    return (atoi(interp->result) > 0) ? BIND_EXEC_LOG : BIND_EXECUTED;


Based on the new crash, the problem seems to be with:

return (atoi(interp->result) > 0) ? BIND_EXEC_LOG : BIND_EXECUTED;  

Looking back at old versions of the bot, it appears that line hasn't changed 
and previous versions of the bot, while having other issues, don't crash like 

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