[cvslog] Module eggdrop1.6: Change committed

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Fri May 25 06:10:01 CST 2001

CVSROOT    : /usr/local/cvsroot
Module     : eggdrop1.6
Commit time: 2001-05-25 11:09:26 UTC
Commited by: poptix

Modified files:

Log message:

Update for last 2 patches (mkdir, server var problems)

---------------------- diff included ----------------------
Index: eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6
diff -u eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6:1.103 eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6:1.104
--- eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6:1.103	Sat May 19 19:25:57 2001
+++ eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6	Fri May 25 06:09:16 2001
@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
 Found by  Fixed by  What...
+          poptix    tcl command mkdir had wrong BADARGS (didnt allow channel flags)
+          poptix    when tcl var servers was empty, we had problems.
 guppy     Sup       new bugs e-mail address: bugs at eggheads.org
           Sup       Added a setting for default console flags to eggdrop.simple.conf,
                     and made console-autosave disabled by default.
----------------------- End of diff -----------------------

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