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Sun Mar 11 11:49:01 CST 2001

CVSROOT    : /usr/local/cvsroot
Module     : eggdrop_miranda
Commit time: 2001-03-11 17:48:40 UTC
Commited by: guppy

Log message:

This is it -- the start of Miranda. She will be such a pretty girl with all
of us nice boys working on her :) Now who wants to start working on her? I do!



Vendor Tag:	eggheads
Release Tags:	eggheads_0
N eggdrop_miranda/COPYING
N eggdrop_miranda/CONTENTS
N eggdrop_miranda/doc/CONTENTS
N eggdrop_miranda/config/install-sh
N eggdrop_miranda/config/mkinstalldirs
N eggdrop_miranda/config/config.guess
N eggdrop_miranda/config/config.sub

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