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Sun Jan 14 18:26:01 CST 2001

CVSROOT    : /usr/local/cvsroot
Module     : eggdrop1.6
Commit time: 2001-01-15 00:25:17 UTC

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fixed UPDATES1.6, we were missing an entry.

---------------------- diff included ----------------------
Index: eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6
diff -u eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6:1.42 eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6:1.43
--- eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6:1.42	Sun Jan  7 21:43:06 2001
+++ eggdrop1.6/doc/UPDATES1.6	Sun Jan 14 18:25:06 2001
@@ -19,6 +19,9 @@
           TaKeDa    we now understand negative limits (IRCnet allows this)
 TaKeDa    Fabian    Parameter missing for share.mod's status information and
                     a uff error message. Minor optimisations elsewhere.
+          Fabian    Removed old high character hack from readtclprog, as the
+                    actual problem is now fixed.
+many      Wingman   Added proper support for tcl unicode changes since 8.1.
           guppy     cleaned up Context; usage in the core
           guppy     rewrote tcl_duration
           guppy     more use of strncpyz and egg_snprintf in the core
----------------------- End of diff -----------------------

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