Bugs: bind part bug

Hawk deathgodcom at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Apr 26 13:31:05 CST 2010

I doubt this is a bug per say, its simply down to the time eggdrop takes 
to remove someone thats left the channel.

Kind Regards,

On 26/04/2010 11:13, Kiko wrote:
> Hello, I've found a bug on the bind part
> if you use some code like this on the eggdrop:
> bind part - "*" leftc
> proc leftc {n u h c {a ""}} {
> foreach C [channels] {
>  if {[onchan $n $C]} {putlog "he's on $C"}
> }
> }
> the bot will show that the user is still on the channel...
> if the user left..means he's no longer there so the bot shouldn't have
> to use a timer or something to recheck after a second or so because he 
> already PARTed...
> I was looking around at eggdrop's code and this is a misplacement of 
> code?!?
> if you look at "irc.mod/chan.c"
> at this part...(should be around 1930's or 2000(cvs) lines)
> /* Got a part
> */
> static int gotpart(char *from, char *msg)
> inside it the killmember(chan, nick) is after the check_tcl_part(nick, 
> from, u, chan->dname, msg);
> which supposedly should be the other way around, since the nick 
> already left
> check_tcl_part() should be processed after killmember()
> I fixed it on mine just by moving killmember() above check_tcl_part 
> and now works like a charm...
> please fix? :D
> Thank You
> Juvenal

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