Bugs: duplicate output on multiple channels?

C Leonhardt rosc2112 at yahoo.com
Sun May 14 19:29:45 CST 2006


I think this may be a bug I found. If not, would
appreciate any advise about how to fix :)

I have noticed that if a bot is on multiple channels,
and a script is called on both channels at
approximately the same time, eggdrop will spit out
duplicate lines out of order on the channels that
called the script after the 1st channel.

So, for example, using an imdb script:

#chan1 (correct output order):
<rosc> .imdb is it college yet
<mybot> Is It College Yet? (2002) (TV) -
<mybot> Genre : Animation / Comedy
<mybot> Director: Karen Disher
<mybot> Runtime : 90 mins.
<mybot> Country : USA / South Korea
<mybot> Language: English
<mybot> Plot : Daria, Jane, and the rest of the
Lawndale High seniors face graduation and college in
this series finale TV-movie from MTV's 'Daria.'

#chan2 (weird output order):
<rosc> .imdb daria
<mybot> Genre : Animation / Comedy
<mybot> Country : USA / South Korea
<mybot> Language: English
<mybot> 'Daria' (1997)
<mybot> Tagline : Talks Slow, Thinks Fast
<mybot> Director: Ray Kosarin
<mybot> Runtime : 22 mins.
<mybot> Plot : A smart & cynical girl goes through
teenage life as an proud outsider in a world of mainly
idiotic teens and condescending adults.

Please refer to 
for more discussion about this problem.

I've tried setting double-help 1 and double-help 0 in
the eggrop.conf with the same result. As best as I can
tell, this may be a problem with having threads

Any info appreciated :)

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