Bugs: Maybe bug with my eggdrop or odd problem

Lasse S larketus at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 17:40:32 CST 2006


I'm currently using eggdrop v1.6.17. I'm from Finland and here most users
are using ISO-8859-1 standard. Starting from 1.1.2006 part of users moved
over to use UTF-8 standard.
And now I have a little problem, I have a channel where is Latin1 characters
(example #hänmies). I had there a bot, .+chan #hänmies and working fine, but
because I'm using UTF-8 characters now I started a new channel (#hänmies)

ISO-8859-1 #hänmies and UTF-8 #hänmies are different channels, as you of
course know.

I can get bot channel if I put .+chan #hämies

Keyword is maybe encoding, I tried solve this problem using
http://forum.egghelp.org/ but I didin't find out how to solve this.

Here is example, something like that bot says
...+chan #hänmies
...chattr nick +o #hänmies
<bot> No channel record for #hänmies.

And .tcl scripts won't work at all in #hänmies, (everywhere else scripts
work fine.)

Sorry my bad english. I hope you understand. Please help

Regards, Lasse

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