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Dariusz Kulinski takeda at eggheads.w.pl
Fri Jun 4 10:12:54 CST 2004


Friday, June 4, 2004, 8:44:56 AM, you wrote:

> Please note: forwarded message attached

> heres the bug-report file.
> thanks.
> sortrack.

> 4.1) The logged last context (example: Last context: userent.c/973 []):
> 4.2) If the bot wrote to the file DEBUG, copy the text -contents- of
>      that file here (NOTE: It should be about 20 lines of info, but it
>      could be a few lines more):
> 4.3) Your comments and a description of the bug:
>     I dont have the log but i got an error saying that there was a problem in cmds.c at the end of file
>     after running make again it appears to make fine, but it exit with error when linking
> 4.4) Can you cause the bug condition to repeat? If so, please outline
>      step by step what causes the error:
>     just compiling with the unmodified release of eggdrop in my system
> 4.5) Do you have ideas on what is wrong that causes this error?
>      Please list them:
>     there is a blank line at the end of cmds.c file 
> 4.6) Do you have ideas on how to correct it?  Please list them:
>     i just removed the line and made the file end with the }; line
> 4.7) Other comments?
> 4.8) If the bot dumped a 'core' file when it crashed, it would be *very*
>      useful if you could paste gdb's output during the following steps:
>      First call gdb
>          $ gdb eggdrop -c core
>      and then enter 'bt' on gdb's command line:
>          (gdb) bt
>      Keep your core file for at least one week, so that the dev team
>      can ask for further information if needed. However, don't send
>      us the core file unless we ask for it.
>      NOTE: If this is a bug you can reproduce, please compile with
>            make debug and follow the above step. It can greatly help
>            find and fix the bug.
> =====================================================================

Unless you fill whole bug report, we won't be able to fix it.

Best regards,
 Dariusz                            mailto:takeda at eggheads.w.pl

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