Bugs: eggdrop crash

Pasi Hirvonen psh at iki.fi
Mon May 26 19:15:53 CST 2003

bug report attached

Pasi Hirvonen
Public PGP key: http://www.iki.fi/psh/gpg/pubkey.txt
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              Eggheads Eggdrop 1.6 Bug Report Form

By reporting bugs, you help to improve the quality of Eggdrop which
naturally results in a more stable bot. The more information you
provide, the easier and more likely it is for the dev team to fix the
bug. Please add everything that you think is important, in addition
to the information requested in this form. Thanks.

NOTE: First check http://www.eggheads.org/bugzilla/ to see if the
      bug you want to report is already fixed. Also, please upgrade
      to the latest eggdrop version to see if the bug is fixed before

1]  Please complete as many fields as possible.
2]  Email the completed report to: bugs at eggheads.org


1.1) version:

1.2) make type:
     (X) dynamic
     ( ) static
     ( ) debug
     ( ) sdebug

1.3) list of patches and/or modules you use:

no extra patches.

modules: blowfish, channels, console, ctcp, dns, irc,
         and server.


2.1) Tcl library version:
     ( ) 7.0
     ( ) 7.1
     ( ) 7.2
     ( ) 7.3
     ( ) 7.4
     ( ) 7.5
     ( ) 7.6
     ( ) 8.0
     ( ) 8.1
     ( ) 8.2
     (X) 8.3
     ( ) 8.4
     ( ) Other - Which? ____

2.2) Tcl library patchlevel: 5
  eg; p1, p2, etc for Tcl versions up to 8.0p2
      or the 3rd part of the version number for 8.0.3 and newer

2.3) Tcl scripts used:
     [X] alltools
     [ ] sentinel
     [ ] getops
     [X] others - Please mention all others:

     kanavalla.tcl (own, uses tcl-sql. the one that made
     	    	    eggdrop crash)


3.1) OS type:
     ( ) BeOS
     ( ) BSD/OS
     ( ) Cygwin
     ( ) Dell SVR4
     ( ) FreeBSD
     ( ) HP-UX
     ( ) IRIX
     (X) Linux
     ( ) Lynx
     ( ) NetBSD
     ( ) NeXT
     ( ) OpenBSD
     ( ) OSF/Tru64
     ( ) QNX
     ( ) SINIX
     ( ) Solaris/Sun
     ( ) Ultrix
     ( ) Other - Which? _____________

3.2) OS Version/Release: 2.4.20 (with grsecurity patch)


4.1) The logged last context (example: Last context: userent.c/973 []):

     Last context: tclhash.c/684 [Tcl proc: pub_uutinen,
     param:  $_pub1 $_pub2 $_pub3 $_pub4 $_pub5]

4.2) If the bot wrote to the file DEBUG, copy the text -contents- of
     that file here (NOTE: It should be about 20 lines of info, but it
     could be a few lines more):

Debug (eggdrop v1.6.15) written Tue May 27 03:58:59 2003
Full Patch List: 
Tcl library: /usr/lib/tcl8.3
Tcl version: 8.3.5 (header version 8.3.5)
Compile flags: gcc -pipe -g -O2 -Wall -I.. -I.. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  
Link flags: gcc -pipe
Strip flags: strip
Context: tclhash.c/680, []
         tclhash.c/684, [Tcl proc: *raw:PRIVMSG, param:  $_raw1 $_raw2 $_raw3]
         tclhash.c/688, []
         tclhash.c/680, []
         tclhash.c/684, [Tcl proc: *raw:irc:msg, param:  $_raw1 $_raw2 $_raw3]
         tclhash.c/680, []
         tclhash.c/684, [Tcl proc: pub_uutinen, param:  $_pub1 $_pub2 $_pub3 $_p
ub4 $_pub5]
         tclhash.c/688, []
         tclhash.c/688, []
         tclhash.c/680, []
         tclhash.c/684, [Tcl proc: *raw:PRIVMSG, param:  $_raw1 $_raw2 $_raw3]
         tclhash.c/688, []
         tclhash.c/680, []
         tclhash.c/684, [Tcl proc: *raw:irc:msg, param:  $_raw1 $_raw2 $_raw3]
         tclhash.c/680, []
         tclhash.c/684 [Tcl proc: pub_uutinen, param:  $_pub1 $_pub2 $_pub3 $_pu
b4 $_pub5]

SOCK ADDR     PORT  NICK      HOST              TYPE
---- -------- ----- --------- ----------------- ----
3    7F000001  3334 (telnet)  *                 lstn  3334
4    00000000     0 (dns)                       dns   (ready)
5    D152A031  6667 (server)  kernel.dal.net    serv  (lag: 0)
8    50DEAAC0  9000 pasi      1kc0.dial.inet.fi chat  flags: cPtEp/0

Compiled without extensive memory debugging (sorry).
Open sockets: 3 (listen), 4 (passed on), 5, 8, 19 (file), done.

4.3) Your comments and a description of the bug:

     I was fixing my own TCL script which uses tcl-sql package.
     Right before crashing bot gave me two errors about sql
     command syntax:

     [03:58] Tcl error [pub_uutinen]: Usage:
     sql command handle
     <same error again>

     I was about to fix it but it crashed right away.

4.4) Can you cause the bug condition to repeat? If so, please outline
     step by step what causes the error:
4.5) Do you have ideas on what is wrong that causes this error?
     Please list them:

     1. your bot is broken? :)

4.6) Do you have ideas on how to correct it?  Please list them:


4.7) Other comments?

4.8) If you compiled the bot using the debug or sdebug options and it
     dumped a 'core' file when it crashed, it would be *very* useful
     if you could paste gdb's output during the following steps:
     First call gdb
         $ gdb eggdrop -c core
     and then enter 'bt' on gdb's command line:
         (gdb) bt
     Keep your core file for at least one week, so that the dev team
     can ask for further information if needed. However, don't send
     us the core file unless we ask for it.

     NOTE: If this is a bug you can reproduce, please compile with
           make debug and follow the above step. It can greatly help
           find and fix the bug.


End of bug report form - Thank you for helping us improve Eggdrop.
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