Bugs: bug voice

Usman Khan utaker at hamdard.zzn.com
Sat May 10 13:04:08 CST 2003

when i try to voice someone it gives the follwoing error demonstrated
as follows:
<Int-13h> .channel
<acolytes> [23:58] #UTAKER# (#sargodha) channel
<acolytes> Channel #sargodha, 12 members, mode +tn:
<acolytes> Channel Topic: S A R G O D H A
<acolytes> (n = owner, m = master, o = op, d = deop, b = bot)
<acolytes>  NICKNAME            HANDLE     JOIN  IDLE  USER at HOST
<acolytes> @Acolytes            *         22:37       <- it's me!
<acolytes> @Lost-In-miRc        *          ---        
~soulless at
<acolytes>  ARaBiaN_UncLE       *         23:03   54m 
~ARBI at
<acolytes>  maniiiii            *         23:12   45m 
sheeheryar at
<Int-13h> .voice maniiiii
<acolytes> You are not a channel op or halfop on #sargodha.

<Int-13h> .status
<acolytes> [00:03] #UTAKER# status
<acolytes> I am Acolytes, running eggdrop v1.6.15:  3 users (mem: 118k)
<acolytes> Online for 02:23  (background)  CPU 00:01  cache hit 22.7%
<acolytes> Admin: UTAKER <email: utaker at hamdard.org>
<acolytes> Config file: eggdrop.conf
<acolytes> OS: Linux 2.4.19-16mdk
<acolytes> Tcl library: /usr/lib/tcl8.3
<acolytes> Tcl version: 8.3.3 (header version 8.3.3)

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