Bugs: bug report for 1.6.15

Artoo artoo at linux.nu
Tue May 6 08:51:43 CST 2003

Hi, I got this after upgrading to 1.6.15. I did .restart and it didnt like it.
Ive upgraded 8 other bots today, but the other ones I killed and restarted from the shell.


I use netbots and some other scripts made by MORA and JamesOff @EFnet
Box is running gentoo

/Artoo @EFnet

Writing user file...
Writing channel file...
Restarting ...
odule unloaded: console
Module unloaded: notes
Module unloaded: compress
Sending 'share end' to all sharebots...
Unloaded sharing module, flushing tbuf's...
Module unloaded: share
Unloading transfer module, killing all transfer connections...
Module unloaded: transfer
Module unloaded: irc
Module unloaded: ctcp
Module unloaded: server
Writing channel file...
Module unloaded: channels
Module unloaded: dns
Listening at telnet port 2125 (all)
Module loaded: dns
No longer supporting channel #chan
* Last context: tclhash.c/240 []
* Please REPORT this BUG!
* Check doc/BUG-REPORT on how to do so.
* Wrote DEBUG
[10] Chat closed

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