Bugs: .-ban

Virginie virgo at twiny.org
Thu Jul 17 06:07:39 CST 2003


Eggdrop 1.6.15.
There is a strange thing with .-ban command.
I have 20 global ban and 30 channel ban, if I try to do .-ban 50 (the last
ban in full banlist), I get an error, ban doesn't exist because it thinks
it's in channel banlist and not the full banlist (global+channel).
If you try to .-ban 21, (full banlist 50 - global 20 = channel 30) it will
unban the 21th channel ban and not the 21th ban in full banlist.

Annoying isn't it ? :-)

PS thx to re-put the space (banned:<there>reason)

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