Bugs: Re: bind raw notice

Will Buckner (Wcc) wcc at techmonkeys.org
Wed Jan 22 18:12:00 CST 2003

> <outside_clone>   raw  -|-      NOTICE                  1 snotice
> This workes exactly like described in tcl-commands.doc
> <outside_clone>   raw  -|-      notice                  1 snotice
> This seems to imply a "return 1" at the end of the proc snotice, even if
> ends with "return 0". "bind notc" won't be triggered, no notices will
> appear on the partyline or in the log files.
> Tested with eggdrop 1.6.13-1.6.14+export-md5-2 and TCL 8.3.1-8.4.1

So you're saying that if the keyword is uppercase, returns act as described,
and if not, they don't? I can't seem to reproduce this.

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>    Sven
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