Bugs: override-bots messed up?

Markos Markoulis thedawngr at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 20:39:00 CST 2003

Ok this is probably a bug. Let's say we have two bots,
botA and botB. BotA will be the hub, and botB the leaf
(and it has set override-bots 1).

First I add BotA to BotA (for sharing purposes, I'm
sure nobody minds;). Then I normally add BotB to BotA
and BotA to BotB. So:

I need global records/bans share:
on BotA: .botattr BotB +s
on BotB: .botattr BotA +p

I also need a specific channel's records/bans shared:
on BotA: .botattr BotB |s #somechan
on BotB: .botattr BotA |s #somechan

The Final touch:
on BotB:
.botattr BotA +h
.link BotA

Link happens, userfiles are shared and so on, *BUT* on
BotB if u .whois BotA the channel share bot attribute
is gone. On BotA .whois BotB naturally looks ok.

If override-bots is set on BotB to 0, the flag doesnt
vanish. I thought override-bots is only for
address/port sharing of bot records, is this the
expected behavior? 

That's it I guess, I tried figuring the source out
with no luck, my C sucks a bit ;) Try replicating the
bug (if it is a bug) and lemme know ;)

Keep up the good work ppl,

Markos Markoulis
aka The_Dawn

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