[eggheads-patches] PATCH1.6: tcl-commands.html-anchors.patch

skiidoo aza.skiidoo at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 18:48:18 CST 2008


Here is a patch for doc/html/tcl-commands.html.

This patch adds some HTML anchors to the tcl-commands.html file, 
allowing to directly link to any Tcl command, bind, global variable.

The commands anchor names are like cmd_<command name>:
A slight exception is for the 'channel' commands, as there is a space in 
the command name. Spaces are then replaced by an underscore:
         cmd_channel_add       channel add
         cmd_channel_set       channel set
         cmd_channel_info      channel info
         cmd_channel_get       channel get
         cmd_channel_remove    channel remove
These commands are grouped under the 'chancmds' section anchor ; this 
anchor is doubled by a global 'cmd_channel' anchor, to be consistent 
with the above anchor names, so people can just link straight to the 
'channel *' commands.

The binds types anchor names are like binda_<bind name>:
The binds return values anchor names are like bindb_<bind name>:

Finally, the global variables anchor names are like globvar_<variable name>:

This patch also removes the second description of the killdcc command 
which was listed twice.

Credits if applicable go to skiidoo (Thomas Faucher).

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