[eggheads-patches] Patch: eggdrop-Makefile-so.patch

Per/dw dw at lixom.nu
Wed Oct 27 15:03:52 CST 1999

If users dont make install they shouldnt be able to start the bot
instead of making it simplier to skip make install we should make it
harder. (moving the helpfiles to the respective module src dir was
a way in the right direction)

Need I to say Im against this patch.


On 27 Oct, Rico "mc" Gloeckner wrote:
> This tiny Patch will create a modules Directory and move *.so there when
> either make modules or make debmodules is run. 
> Reason:
> I noticed that many beginners will fail, when they dont change the modules
> path in eggdrop.conf.dist nor copy the files themself. They wont either
> know why they fail.
> --mc
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