[eggheads-patches] PATCH: mawk-before-gawk.diff

Tothwolf tothwolf at concentric.net
Tue Oct 19 14:39:32 CST 1999

  mawk is supposed to be checked before gawk...I wish I knew how this
  keeps getting changed...buggy autoconf program maybe? :P

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diff -urNPX ../exclude ../eggdrop1.3.cvs/configure ./configure
--- ../eggdrop1.3.cvs/configure	Tue Oct 19 00:47:37 1999
+++ ./configure	Tue Oct 19 13:31:58 1999
@@ -1164,7 +1164,7 @@
-for ac_prog in gawk mawk nawk awk
+for ac_prog in mawk gawk nawk awk
 # Extract the first word of "$ac_prog", so it can be a program name with args.
 set dummy $ac_prog; ac_word=$2

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