[eggheads-patches] PATCH: strncpy_is_not_safe.patch

Jonathan Miles jon at zetnet.net
Wed Oct 13 21:09:35 CST 1999

> .nick fjdhflksdjhflskdjfhlsdkjfhsldkjfhlsdkjfhlsdkjfhlsdkfjh
<Dibble> [02:32] * Last context: tclhash.c/748 []
<Dibble> [02:32] * Please REPORT this BUG!

When using strncpy(), please remember to terminate the destination buffer.
The patch also fixes .chnick. There are probably loads of other places
where strncpy use should be fixed, I dont have time to look for them at
the moment.

Jonathan Miles <jon at zetnet.net>
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