[eggheads-patches] PATCH: too-many-fixes.diff.gz

Tothwolf tothwolf at concentric.net
Wed Oct 13 19:50:20 CST 1999

To apply this patch, use 'patch -Ep0 < too-many-fixes.diff' or equivalent.

too-many-fixes.diff changes:

Makefile stuff:
  Completely rewrote makefiles to work with non GNU makes.
  New makefiles for doc/ and scripts/
  Removed src/mod/Makefile.generic
  SHELL moved to the top of Makefile.in, as some systems use csh as default.
  Went back to using $(EGGEXEC) for target as in 1.0/1.1 series eggdrop.
  Replaced CP1-3 with INSTALL_*
  New install rules/targets
  Added STRIP and RANLIB back to Makefile.in (ranlib for Tcl7.0-7.3 compat)
  Renamed BEL_MOD_* to MOD_*
  New make target 'sdebug'

configure stuff:
  Detection for Tcl8.1+threads, defines HAVE_BUGGY_TCL_THREADS,
    disables Tcl_DoOneEvent() in main.c which blocks, causing the lockup.
  Better detection for Tcl older then 7.5, done in ./configure now,
    defines HAVE_OLD_TCL if 7.4 or older is found.
  Detection for Cygwin environment, defines CYGWIN_HACKS,
    Part of the Cygwin stuff such as FreeConsole() is credited to creative1
    [This is still not complete, but works.]
  Fixed broken DLOPEN_1 define
  Moved SunOS lib checking where it should have been.
  Allow IRIX64 to do lib tests. (found by SuperS)
  Removed 'gmake' warning message for BSD/OS.
  Now uses AC_PROG_INSTALL to locate BSD compat install, else uses install-sh
  Many Tcl related changes/fixes.
  Proper detection for unshared Tcl libs.
  Will use unshared lib even if shared exists when --with-tcllib= is used.
  Compat detection and code for Tcl7.3 and older. (should work with 7.0+ now)
  Better way of getting Tcl's version.

code changes:
  Missing Tcl version check in tcl.c for part of Tcl_PkgProvide code
  Tcl tcl.h varargs.h/stdarg.h fixes (may fix the problem with this on OSF1)

files added/removed/moved:
  Added doc/Makefile
  Added scripts/Makefile
  Added install-sh
  Removed src/mod/Makefile.generic
  Moved help/userinfo.help to scripts/help/userinfo.help
  Moved help/msg/userinfo.help to scripts/help/msg/userinfo.help
  Moved src/mod/filesys.mod/files.english.lang to language/files.english.lang
  Moved src/mod/wire.mod/wire.english.lang to language/wire.english.lang

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