[eggheads-patches] PATCH: resync-desc.patch

Fabian Knittel fknittel at gmx.de
Tue Oct 5 15:06:57 CST 1999

[ resync-desc.patch ]

This patch changes allow-resync's description in eggdrop.conf.dist.
People have reported that they have had no problems related to this
feature and as noone seems to know why it was originally disabled,
I would like to revive it :)

If someone suddenly remembers why it was disabled and the problem
isn't fixed yet, please speak up.

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diff -urN eggdrop1.3~/doc/UPDATES1.3 eggdrop1.3/doc/UPDATES1.3
--- eggdrop1.3~/doc/UPDATES1.3	Tue Oct  5 11:26:06 1999
+++ eggdrop1.3/doc/UPDATES1.3	Tue Oct  5 14:46:06 1999
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
 Foundby   Fixedby   What....
+Ben	  Fabian    eggdrop.conf.dist now talks positively about allow-resync
 Beige	  Fabian    killsock() could accidently free unused socket entries
           Tothwolf/ fixed way we get version number for Tcl_PkgProvide()
diff -urN eggdrop1.3~/eggdrop.conf.dist eggdrop1.3/eggdrop.conf.dist
--- eggdrop1.3~/eggdrop.conf.dist	Tue Oct  5 11:26:19 1999
+++ eggdrop1.3/eggdrop.conf.dist	Tue Oct  5 14:44:34 1999
@@ -980,12 +980,13 @@
 #loadmodule share
 ##### variables:
-# [0/1] there are situations where sharebot userfile resynchronization
-# can fail to work correctly.  because of this, it is no longer
-# advised to turn this feature on.  i've lost the mail from the
-# person that spelled out the flaw, so i can't give him/her credit
-# right now or explain it (sorry).
-#set allow-resync 0
+# [0/1] When two bots get disconnected this flag allows them to create
+# a resync buffer which saves all changes done to the userfile during
+# the disconnect. So, when they reconnect, they will not have to transfer
+# the complete user file, but instead, just send the resync buffer.
+# If you have problems with this feature please tell us. Take a look at
+# doc/BUG-REPORT first though.
+#set allow-resync 1
 # this specifies how long to hold another bots resync data for before
 # flushing it

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