Eggdev: changes to bug report form

Ben Dover eggdrop_soup at
Mon Nov 13 23:32:23 CST 2000

>From: Tothwolf <tothwolf at>
>I think we should remove the part at the end of the bug report form that
>states 'For advanced users:' since many users could easily include this
>info, but choose not to based on that phrase.

I think it needs even more editing.  When I sent the first draft of the 'bug 
report' form long ago, I expected it to be used just as an idea and that the 
talented ones would rewrite it.  It is due for a rewrite and some 
streamlining.  Look at the TCL list  v 7.0?? etc.  Is there anyone still 
using 7.6p2 even?

The techies that understand programming may see areas that are obsolete or 
unnecessary and also other things to ask for.

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