[gitlog] [eggheads/eggdrop] 71c032: Replace egg_str[n]casecmp with str[c]cmp

Michael Ortmann noreply at github.com
Wed Jul 3 01:19:54 UTC 2019

  Branch: refs/heads/develop
  Home:   https://github.com/eggheads/eggdrop
  Commit: 71c032bf31a5e5757f3a864d03daad9e00ea1641
  Author: Michael Ortmann <41313082+michaelortmann at users.noreply.github.com>
  Date:   2019-07-02 (Tue, 02 Jul 2019)

  Changed paths:
    M configure.ac
    M src/Makefile.in
    M src/botcmd.c
    M src/botmsg.c
    M src/botnet.c
    M src/chanprog.c
    M src/cmds.c
    M src/compat/Makefile.in
    M src/compat/compat.h
    R src/compat/strcasecmp.c
    R src/compat/strcasecmp.h
    M src/dcc.c
    M src/dns.c
    M src/eggdrop.h
    M src/md5/Makefile.in
    M src/mem.c
    M src/misc.c
    M src/mod/assoc.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/assoc.mod/assoc.c
    M src/mod/blowfish.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/blowfish.mod/blowfish.c
    M src/mod/channels.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/channels.mod/cmdschan.c
    M src/mod/channels.mod/tclchan.c
    M src/mod/channels.mod/udefchan.c
    M src/mod/channels.mod/userchan.c
    M src/mod/compress.mod/Makefile.in
    M src/mod/console.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/ctcp.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/ctcp.mod/ctcp.c
    M src/mod/dns.mod/Makefile.in
    M src/mod/dns.mod/coredns.c
    M src/mod/filesys.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/filesys.mod/files.c
    M src/mod/filesys.mod/filesys.c
    M src/mod/irc.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/irc.mod/chan.c
    M src/mod/irc.mod/cmdsirc.c
    M src/mod/irc.mod/msgcmds.c
    M src/mod/module.h
    M src/mod/notes.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/notes.mod/cmdsnote.c
    M src/mod/notes.mod/notes.c
    M src/mod/seen.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/seen.mod/seen.c
    M src/mod/server.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/server.mod/cmdsserv.c
    M src/mod/server.mod/server.c
    M src/mod/server.mod/servmsg.c
    M src/mod/server.mod/tclserv.c
    M src/mod/share.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/share.mod/share.c
    M src/mod/transfer.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/transfer.mod/tcltransfer.c
    M src/mod/transfer.mod/transfer.c
    M src/mod/transfer.mod/transferqueue.c
    M src/mod/uptime.mod/Makefile
    M src/mod/woobie.mod/Makefile
    M src/modules.c
    M src/net.c
    M src/tcl.c
    M src/tcldcc.c
    M src/tclhash.c
    M src/tcluser.c
    M src/userent.c
    M src/userrec.c
    M src/users.c

  Log Message:
  Replace egg_str[n]casecmp with str[c]cmp

* deletes strcasecmp() and strncasecmp() because they're posix 2001
* replaced all egg_str(n)casecmp() with str(c)cmp()

This patch gets rid of src/compat/strcasecmp.c and src/compat/strcasecmp.h. egg_str(n)casecmp() are left as is, but redefined to directly use str(n)casecmp() with a one-liner define in eggdrop.h. we only keep them for backward compatibility to (older) modules, and could remove it from later eggdrop versions when api breakage becomes possible.

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