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Sun Dec 2 06:50:03 CST 2001

CVSROOT    : /usr/local/cvsroot
Module     : eggdrop1.7
Commit time: 2001-12-02 12:49:05 UTC
Commited by: Federico Mennite <ite at techmonkeys.org>

Modified files:
     INSTALL doc/text-substitutions.doc

Log message:

More spelling fixes in docs and MOTD. Patch by Wcc <will at centerofnowhere.com>

---------------------- diff included ----------------------
Index: eggdrop1.7/INSTALL
diff -u eggdrop1.7/INSTALL:1.11 eggdrop1.7/INSTALL:1.12
--- eggdrop1.7/INSTALL:1.11	Sun Oct 14 09:09:35 2001
+++ eggdrop1.7/INSTALL	Sun Dec  2 06:48:55 2001
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
      make install
      This will install the eggdrop in your home directory in a directory
-     called eggdrop (ie. /home/user/eggdrop).
+     called eggdrop (i.e. /home/user/eggdrop).
      If you want to install to a different directory make sure you have run
      './configure --prefix=<directory>' before the make process.
Index: eggdrop1.7/doc/text-substitutions.doc
diff -u eggdrop1.7/doc/text-substitutions.doc:1.5 eggdrop1.7/doc/text-substitutions.doc:1.6
--- eggdrop1.7/doc/text-substitutions.doc:1.5	Wed Oct 10 08:15:58 2001
+++ eggdrop1.7/doc/text-substitutions.doc	Sun Dec  2 06:48:55 2001
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 ###### MOTD ######
-The MOTD (mesasge Of The Day) file is displayed everytime a user opens
+The MOTD (Message Of The Day) file is displayed everytime a user opens
 a dcc chat or telnet session with the bot (so it shouldn't be TOO long).
 There are a few %-variables you can insert into the motd, which will
----------------------- End of diff -----------------------

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