Bugs: mysterious internet bug that should be addressed

Patrick Frank patrick.frank.042 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 15:22:07 UTC 2016

dear Freenode staff members,
dear Undernet staff members,
dear Eggdrop developers,
dear xshellz admins,
dear reader,

my name is Patrick Frank and I am a male internet user at the age of 40
years who is living in Germany. And I am seeking your help regarding a
technical problem that appears to be a mental one on first sights.

It is true that I am suffering from a mental disease where psychotic
thoughts are a part of the problem.

But maybe you want to listen to what I have to say. And maybe you come to a
conclusion that is similar to mine: the observations cant be 100% my fault
nor is my insanity the root of everything. So please watch carefully.

At the core of my experiences is an attempt to link 2 eggdrop bots together
by using the shell space of xshellz.com's US server. Some vhosts were not
connecting to some of the Undernet servers. But those who connected seemed
to work fine. Except, they refused the telnet connection when the leaf bot
tried to connect to the hub bot. Then when i switched the flags so that the
hub bot was the lead bot and the leaf bot was the hub bot they would
connect when the connecting leaf bot was outside of the shell space on a
seperate VPS. But when I tried to add a third bot the same connection
problem appeared.

At first I thought the shell server is to blame because they are using a
grsecurity patchset and also some sort of DDoS protection. But Thommey as
one of the eggdrop developers came to me and asked for a bug report. So I
am writing this as some sort of bug report. But it feels to me like it was
not the fault of eggdrop's code either.

On Facebook I receive emails stating that I have 7 notifications and 1 new
message waiting for me. And when I login I have only 1 notification and no
new message. On Twitter it happens that people follow me and I get no
notification at all. Similar for websites like neu.de where the
notifications seem to be buggy.

But maybe all the code is not the problem but an underlaying technology?

Back to IRC:

I _see_ context in people's text that links places across networks. Thats
just weird at first. But then I see somebody talk about User C who got
banned but the channel mode is a devoice. Or somebody gets devoiced but the
users talk about his ban. I see scripts/bots who say thank you to
themselves. There is a lot of such stuff happening. The number of
occurances speaks against a cognitive mistake or a delusion.

There seems to be a problem on a higher level which I cant name because I
am not a programmer. But to me all these small glitches in the so called
matrix are there. And I need to find the right people who understand and
start to research instead of laughing about me or worse.

Thanks for listening.

Patrick Frank

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